Do you have any little Rabbit called ‘Puppy’? And you are concern about the health of your Puppy. For your reference, we are trying to provide a complete nutrition guide. Here are the essentials diet components. Please look below-


The Younger stage of rabbit is very crucial because development begins from this stage. Without proper nutrition, your pet will not gain healthy weight.Pellets have proper ingredients for maintaining balance weight of your rabbit.


This component plays a vital role for rabbit’s health. If the animal is below seven months then give alfalfa hay and if older then provide grass hay. Rabbit need fresh hay for the whole day.


Vegetables have everything containing minerals, vitamins. At the stage of three months your lovely ‘Puppy’ need this and our special vegetable products are full source of such valuable ingredients.


Water is also very essential for the animal. Make sure that fresh water is available around the clock.