If you wish to raise poultry birds like chickens, turkeys, pigeons, ducks, geese, peacocks, quails and so on for egg and meat production, you should be extremely watchful about poultry nutrition. You can raise poultry birds’ creatures for satisfying your family nutritious requirement and for business production reason.

Individuals all through the world are raising different classes of poultry birds industrially from quite a while prior.
The accomplishment of poultry farming relies upon some imperative factors, for example, appropriate housing, legitimate care, feed management and poultry nutrition. Sufficient quality food keeps the birds develop. Proper housing keeps them free from hostile climate.

What’s more, great care or management bring achievement. Availability of appropriate nourishment on poultry feed is vital. Proper nourishment keeps the poultry sound and profitable. The required supplements for all types of poultry birds’ animals are 13 vitamins, 14 amino acids, 12 minerals and fatty acid. Be more cautious while feeding your birds.