Your dog needs a proper diet for the growth and good health. Every dog requires different nutrition with compare to their stage of age. Here are some components of nutrition for the optimum healthy living of your dog.


As like human your pet also requires plenty of water, according to the weight of your dog 70 % water need to source on a daily basis. In some cases, a major decrease of water can cause death.


In a dog, proteins are the primary builders of their all organs. Our shop is sourcing protein for your dog. Our products made with the ingredients, which are an excellent source of protein.


Fats are essential for constructing cells, producing hormones and also required for absorption and utilization of vitamins in the body of your pet dog.

Carbohydrates :

Energy is crucial for your doggies, and this energy converted through carbohydrates.


For functioning metabolic in the dog properly, vitamins are also required. But also note that your dog does not need any vitamin ‘A’ supplements without the deficiency of it.


Minerals are also required for well-constructing bone and teeth of the dog. Minerals are not naturally produced by an animal so we need to source it.

So make sure your dog is catered to all necessary nutrition mentioned above. You can get full source of nutrition through our products.